D&T Tunnel Geology

D&T Tunnel Geology is a 2D and 3D GIS-based solution for surveying the geological/geomechanical conditions in underground construction sites. It has been developed to make tunneling safer and more efficient. The solution allows collection, storage, mapping, modeling and analysis of the considerable amount of data obtained during an excavation.

Map the encountered geological formations, faults, schistosity/bedding and joints; compare this with an underlying “expected geology map”; map water inflows and instantaneously read their flow and chemical properties, locate rock samples; appreciate the relevance of the geological features by visualizing their related overbreak volumes; keep the trend and amplitude of deformations under control; map investigation boreholes and get instant access to related documents… These are just some of the possibilities offered by this solution.

Not only is it an automated and organized storage system, it also provides a synthetic overview of geological information for decision-making and allows forthcoming problems to be anticipated by simplified back-analysis processes. The solution is available both for “drill and blast” and TBM excavations and may be precisely adapted to fit the characteristics of a particular site.


  • Georeferenced database
  • Geological horizontal cross-section
  • Georeferenced tunnel face/wall map (for tablet PC)
  • Data acquisition toolbox (for tablet PC)
  • Parallel data viewer (PDV) toolbox
  • 3D geological modeling toolbox

System requirements:

  • Tablet PC equipped with Windows 7/8
  • Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.2/10.3 “Basic”(=ArcView) + “3D Analyst” extension

For a detailed presentation of the methodology please consult the following link: Technical note - Engineering Geology


Tunnel geological map with excavation-related data (PDV). Example from the Ceneri Base Tunnel (Switzerland)

Tunnel geological map with excavation-related data (PDV). Example from the Ceneri Base Tunnel (AlpTransit, Switzerland)