D&T Dipping plane

D&T dipping plane allows one to create a 3D square plane of determined orientation, dip and width, at pre-determined coordinates. The output is a 3D polygon.

This tool is especially useful for the 3D modeling of geological features such as faults, joints, lithologic contacts, bedding or schistosity planes. It is also practical for creating geological cross-sections. It may also be useful when modeling urban environments, such as ramps, roofs or walls.

Tool parameters:

  • Dip direction (0-360°): azimuth of the direction of the dip with respect to the North
  • Dip (0-89°): steepest angle of the plane relative to a horizontal plane
  • Width [m] or [ft]: the width of the plane
  • X, Y, Z [m] or [ft]: coordinates of the center of the plane
  • Output polygon feature class: location of the polygon feature class

System requirements:

Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 “Basic”(=ArcView) + “3D Analyst” extension

Demo version:

The trial version is a free, limited version intended to provide an overview of the functionality of the tool. The azimuth, dip and width values are fixed.

Interested in the full version? Do not hesitate to contact us ! You will receive a reply in the shortest possible time.