D&T Borehole 3D

D&T borehole 3D is a tool to model exploratory boreholes in 3D based on their geometrical characteristics (coordinates, azimuth, tilt). It allows rapid and accurate modeling of the stratigraphic layers, the level of the water table, ​​in situ/laboratory tests values (SPT, CPT, etc.), RQD, through bar charts parallel to the borehole axis. This tool is especially useful for the 3D modeling of geological features in the context of civil engineering, exploration of oil, gas and minerals, and for hydrogeological surveys; particularly since it greatly facilitates subsurface interpolation. Boreholes may be orientated upwards.

Tool parameters:

  • Coordinate X, Y, Z [m] ou [ft]: coordinates of the starting point
  • Azimuth(0-360°): azimuth of the direction of the dip relative to the North
  • Dip (0-89.9°): tilt relative to a horizontal plane (a negative value may be entered in order to model a borehole orientated upwards; must be less than 90°)
  • Water: if the box is checked, a feature class will be created for the water level
  • Water depth (+) [m] ou [ft]: “depth” of the water level from the starting point (must be positive)
  • Water table width [m, ft, ...]: water level disk radius (default: 4m)
  • Value vs. depth visibility factor: visibility factor allowing scaling of the bar charts according to the order of magnitude of the values to plot. (default: 0.1)
  • Spatial Reference: a projected coordinate system in meters or feet (X, Y, Z)
  • Output “borehole1“ file: the feature class of the output borehole lines
  • Output “value1 vs depth“ file: the feature class of the output bar chart 1 lines
  • Output “value2 vs depth“ file: the feature class of the output bar chart 2 lines
  • Output “water table level“ file: the feature class of the output water level polygon

A help file is provided with the tool.

Minimum requirements:

Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop 10.3 “Basic”(=ArcView) + “3D Analyst” extension

Demo version:

The trial version is a free, limited version intended to provide an overview of the functionality of the tool. The azimuth and tilt values as well as the water level are fixed; in addition, only the two first rows of the data input tables are considered for modeling.

Interested in the full version? Do not hesitate to contact us ! You will receive a reply in the shortest possible time.


d&t borehole 3d scene